This has got to be the best worst kept secret! Seriously, it’s advertised everywhere but yet only a small amount of people know about it.

Yes! That is “giff gaff“.

Giffgaff has been around for sometime. But is crazy to believe many do not take advantage of the offers they provide. Ever since I switched to GiffGaff I no longer worry about having a itemised bill or mounting up mobile phone bills. I know how much I am spending every month and in some cases don’t even use the Data allowance each month.

I bring this to your attention because as a Content Creator you will need all the data you can get for uploading, interacting and posting on social media. And trust me it can get costly if you do not have the right plan for you.

I don’t want to keep going on and on but if you are a Content Creator get yourself a seperate simcard in the form aof giffgaff and within a month you will notice the difference and the savings you will be making.

Below I have highlighted the 2 plans I strongly recommend you should select once you have your giffgaff simcard:



The 80 GB is good if you know exactly how much Data you use each month. Nevertheless, 80 GB is a lot! Enough to do whatever you want. And if you also have a Wifi hub at home, switch your phone onto home Wifi while at home so you don’t use up your 80 GB! Another smart way to keep ypur data for when you are on the go!

If you want to go for the Unlimited Data I would suggest this is you know you rely heavily on the Internet. However, I will warn you that once your speed data is gone then they will give you the slow data. Its unlimited but due to fair usage policy they will slow it down. When they slow it down its OK for social media but not OK for movies and Youtube stuff. However, its up to you to choose which is best and how you will eat up the data on offer!

If you would like to get yourself on a giffgaff simcard simply use the link below and it will take you to giffgaff where you can order your simcard for FREE!

Get a free giffgaff Sim

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