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Over the last 2 weeks the Black Community has experienced 2 tragic events.
The 1st in the form of “Jacob Blake” who was shot multiple times after Police attended to what was reported as a Domestic Violence call. The interesting thing to ask ourselves if it was a Domestic call how is it a human being has been shot multiple times. I do not know what is wrong with America but you would have thought the Powers That Be would have given instructions to the Police to be more cautious when dealing with call outs involving the black community.

The message that the US is giving out to the world is that Black Lives Do Not Matter! And if so Why Not ? The colour of your skin does not determine your worth on this planet… so why are we seeing senseless killings and injuries by the Police. It does nothing for Community Cohesion.
What makes matter worse is that he was shot 7 times in the back so that explains he was not a threat to the Police! I mean the guys back was to them and then to shoot someone 7 times is just crazy… One shot is enough to bring the person down but if you are shooting someone several times then the intention is to kill!So the message the Police in the States are showing through their actions is there are ready to kill innocent black civilians. Or am I wrong ? They say Actions speak louder than words and these actions are speaking out loud!

As for President Trump it is worth noting that ever since he came in to power the amount of black killings being publicised in the Media has increased. Another message that the US Presidency does not care about Black Lives. For a country that was built of Native Americans and Foreigners it is a poor message coming out does not encourage racial inclusion or tolerance. Just what is going on in Amercia right now ?
The 2nd event is the death of Chadwick Boseman. This actor was well known for his role in “Black Panther” Marvel Movies and the famous phrase “Wakanda Forver”

I did not know this actor for too long and it was a shock to hear he has passed away because he was still very young and a promising movie career behind him. I think he acted the Black Panther movies very well together with his African accent gave it some authenticity. Our condolences to his family. It is getting a bit worrying now because there seems to be a pattern happening… A lot of young black men who become successful seem to die premature deaths. From Nipsey Hussle to Nick Chadwick… You can come up with your own conspiracy theories but it seems like these deaths are all coming together at a time where the World is also dealing with Covid-19.

The world is a crazy place right now and it seems it is the same for those who are rich and successful in their respective professions.
In the beginning I was not a big supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement because I felt as a community we tend to jump on the Bandwagon. I mean we will go and march “Black Lives Matter” then once it is over start screwing your Black neighbour for no reason! I say if you are going to march then also practice what you preach! Next time you see someone from your own community say “Hello” rather than give off a Screw face which will not benefit you in any way what so ever. I do not see it in any other community but the Black Community! In short don’t Protest and then do the opposite! It makes you look silly and gives the wrong message to other other communities as they will not take your marching seriously.

As a result we have listed 2 “Black Lives Matter” Buy one to make a statement and show your support. I think enough is enough… I am getting tired of seeing black people being murdered for no reason whatsoever, it makes no sense! However, I think there is one solution which will kick start the some improvement in the Black Community and that is to love one another. I mean treat other show you wish to be treated. Until we can do this as a community we can not be Screaming “Black Lives Matter” until we can show to ourselves as a Black Community we can love ourselves and one another we are simply wasting our time screaming Black Lives Matter…



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