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I have been write this Blog for sometime but did not know the angle to approach it. One of the reasons for this because I was unsure if this was a predominantly a female problem then realise that decent guys experience this too!
One of the biggest issues in relationships is when someone takes you for granted or hides their true intentions in a relationship. A relationship is supposed to be something genuine NOT FAKE!

Over the years my ambition has been to settle down with my ideal woman but it appears each time I try I keep meeting the wrong type of woman. Now I am not judging the women but I am simply saying that whatever they had in mind was not genuine otherwise I would not be 2nd best!
I am going to give a few examples because people like to question a persons Mental Health but what happens when that person can back it up with clear multiple examples and evidence. Seems like that Mental Health thing is becoming a common tool to rubbish a persons statement. Well, your not going to rubbish this because this is true life experience.

Baby-Mothers: an interesting thing about Baby Mama’s is they claim that the Man used and dumped them. Although this maybe truein most cases what if it is the woman who did the dumping or did the dirt? Then comes back 16 years later to claim she never did no such thing. Another problem is having a child with another man… Unfortunately, once you do that it changes the dynamics. Especially if you conducted yourself in a foul manner it is hard for a guy to overcome this.

If you are one of these women I would advise starting as Fresh with someone who also has kids from other women. This way you can both relate to each other. Getting back with the guy you ditched after several years is very unlikely as you both grow and as you did not grow together in the relationship it is very likely you have now grown apart.Another thing I noticed is speaking to females who would suddenly tell me they are pregnant. I mean I had one female who was a promoter and wanted to work with me a few years ago. Then she disappeared and reconnected 5 years later. By then her daughter was about 5 years old. She reconnected with me wanting to work with me but I could clearly see what was happening. Her relationship did not work out with the guy and she was now eyeing me as a replacement by using events as a excuse to pursue me. She even went as far as to leave status messages saying she is looking for someone to replace her Ex. Hell Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

You don’t chat to me, disappear for 5 years, then come back to claim me after it did not work out. If I did not get with you then, why would I get with you now ? Especially to replace your Ex – NO THANK YOU.

Another scenario is when I was on the bus and I saw a female friend whose to be fancy me, there was always something there but never pursued the matter. To put it short she had over 2 years to get with me and ended getting pregnant with her Baby father. I saw her daughter and congratulated her! She explained to me that she had always fancied me. I said I know but you never made a move or gave a sign. You ended Pregnant! She then started to complain about her Baby Father. I explained to her that I hope things work out with her Baby Father but I don’t think it would work between me and her as I am on a totally desperate path to her. She chose her path so now she has to see it through. I am second best for no-one.

The last example I will use is a female who was a aspiring artist. After making plans to work with me she then told me she was pregnant. I said OK, holla at me when you finish and if its fee-sable I will still work with you and we can continue with the project. She then started to tell me over the course of the week that I motivated her and encouraged her! It was so out of the blue. When I kindly asked her to keep it professional as I did not want to know about her private life she then got all funny. I then started to realise what was going on here.

She was not happy in her current situation so she was using me as a outlet to talk to! However, this is not a job I want to do personally. There are councillors for this. I realised that she was using me as an emotional mat while also trying to keep me there in case the relationship with her Baby Father does not work out. I am getting kind of sick and tired of this, I mean, why have a baby with a guy that is not showing you a genuine love ? And if it don’t work out why do you think I am the fall guy.Ex-girlfriends are another one. I keep getting girls that mess up come back to talk the same shit! I mean, nothing has improved, just the same crap…

I even proposed to a girl who told me I was actually a Rebound… Never again will I do that.

The Conclusion:

So I have concluded that there is something about me women feel they can take advantage of. That I am there as some sort of Backup plan. Now let me tell you that I am no ones back-up plan. Once you leave because you think the grass is greener on the other side you stay there!And if it means you suffer then that is not my Fault. I was not put on this earth to be anyone’s 2nd best. I was not put open the earth to worship you or be your Number one Fan. I am not a Fan, I am a Human Being..

This story is not just for Men, It is also for Women. If you know your 2nd best, make your decision. Do you looking for someone who will put you 1st like you do, or do you wish to remain 2nd best or a backup plan…

Trust me! If you are someone backup you will always end up on the losing side and hurt…ways end up badly.
Until I find someone who is genuine and can put me 1st, I will not settle for 2nd or someones Backup plan
Cause if you see me like that, I will assure you, this one won’t be fooled twice!

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