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The latest transfer rumour is that the great footballing sensation “Lionel Messi” is looking to request a transfer so he can leave Barcelona Football Club, a picture I thought I could never imagine. But the humiliation by Bayern Munich, yes the 8-2 defeat was a lot a lot. It seems like Barcelona has to do some rebuilding! So I guess Messi might actually want a new challenge because it may take sometime for Barcelona to rebuild and this time they have to do it right. When they signed Luiz Suarez it makes sense cause he was a Goal Machine at Liverpool. They then signed Griezeman but I am not sure how that materialised. I think Barcelona need to sign players that suit the dynamic and customary style of Football, however, doing the same thing over and over again means your opponents will soon become accustomed to what is going on.

Back to Messi! They say it is a power-play between player and club but Messi has done a lot for the club so it makes sense if he wants to do his final hoorah he should. Personally I would write the script like this… Messi moves to Man City ) his likely target because of Pep) and wins the Champions League, then he moves back to Barcelona for a last season then retires. By then Barcelona have found their successor to Messi and Messi can now focus on a Coaching and Mentor role like Ronaldinho did with Messi. That’s a fitting story…

Now to the whole point of this blog lol.
There was a saying a few years ago during the days of Micheal Jordan where the Owner of the Chigago Bulls made this statement…

“I used to believe Micheal Jordan was the Babe Ruth of Basketball. Now I have come to believe Babe Ruth is the Micheal Jordan of Baseball”.

This was an interesting comment cause Micheal Jordan had gone to play Baseball for a year then came back to the sport and still excelled winning another 3 straight Championships, that means 6 Championships without a loss. That’s a perfect record. his is one of the greatest compliments I think Micheal Jordan can recieve because the Chicago Bulls owner basically said Micheal Jordan is the measuring rule of excellence. If you want to compare or use a comparison measurement then you use Micheal Jordan! Another reason why the Jordan’s are so popular. It is because young or old everybody knows what Micheal Jordan stood for on the court! And that is Excellence.

The same goes with Messi. Messi has won so many trophies if I was to write about that I will be here a long time. Yeah he has lost a couple of Finals but on club level there is no one else who has come close other than Christiano Ronaldinho who refused to allow Messi to take the Best Player In The World Title without a fight

Nevertheless, Football is also a team sport but unlike Basketball it contains 12 more players than Basketball when on the field. So this increases variables of a bad performance or a poor performance by other team-mates. So you can excuse some of Messi’s losses.

But pound for pound Messi has shown he is the measuring example for Football excellence with 6 Ballon Dors which goes some way with Christiano Ronaldo with 5

In regards to Lionel Messi I can say…

“Lionel Messi is the Micheal Jordan of Football”.

Like Jordan retired once, then twice and ended up playing for the Wizards, Messi wants to kick start his semi retirement and play for Man City in the latter years career. Micheal Jordan showed he still had glimpses of the old Vintage Jordan. Can Messi do the same at Man City ? We will wait and see how this chapter unfold!

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