It is not like we were not focusing on International Orders but just starting our online boutique with Depop we just felt it would be better to focus on our domestic customers as we are just a small team and were still figuring out our way. Urban Glam Life has now sold 20+ plus items with all our customers receiving their goods. We source our products directly from the supplier so all our products are 100% authentic and genuine. Don’t let others tell you otherwise as this is a competitive business and those who gossip and spread rumours are not the people who put in the hard work to make this Boutique work! We often have to travel long distances in order to secure the stock our customers appreciate. We also have to do this in order to keep the price down and competitive. So a lot of work goes into a Boutique and we take pride in the selections we make.

Earlier today we enjoyed serving our 1st ever International Customer who ordered a pair of Nike Air Force One Carhartt’s for £80 plus International Delivery. These Air Force Ones can retail anywhere from £90 to £150 on the aftermarket! Our 1st International customer got it for £80. I know my business consultant will roast me for selling it that cheap but we believe if we can make a customer happy, we are happy, they are happy, we are all happy…

Making a profit is always the motto of business but especially as we start out we want to focus more on customer satisfaction. See a pair of unique sneakers you like or a trendy T-shirt we want you to believe you can purchase regardless of the price we set. You can make an offer and of course it will be considered. However, offers have to be reasonable as we still have to pay ourselves, staff and other costs

Our 1st International Customer purchased these Nike Air Force Carhartt’s from us for just £80! – http://www.depop.com/urbanglamlife

Paypal is proving to be one of the best online tools to pay for items as well as receive funds for the items you sell. Buying online is also good because you don’t have to travel to the shop, just click and wait for it to be delivered. I used to think International Delivery was a hassle but Royal Mail cleared that up for me. It is exactly the same. The price varies as you are posting it further and most international customers are aware this is something they will have to factor in. Most International postage range from £10 on wards. Your item is also insured to the value of £50! If you want to further insure it to a higher value the buyer can always pay more for a premium postage service. This just as to be discussed with the seller and the postage fees adjusted.

So our 1st International customer came from Australia. We are talking down under folks where the Kangeroos be at lol… They were really happy to come across the Air Force Carhartt as it is a collaboration design and can be hard to find in the right sizes as they only produce a number of stock per release. This is the beauty of shopping with Urban Glam Life Boutique because you will get the chance to secure a Sneaker Collaboration or just pick up a jazzy pair of Sneakers you have never seen before. The same goes for our clothing too. Below are just a few of the items we have already sold. Not all of these you can just walk into JD Sports or Footlocker and get!

So it makes sense to check us out if you want to be unique or have a passion for a certain design or brand. For those of you with positive energy and have continued to support us by purchasing our items or just happy for us in spirit. It is truly appreciated. We appreciate you and we know you appreciate the hard work too!

If you would like a 10% Discount on your 1st item when contacting us via Depop please give the reference:



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