When it comes to Body Positivity you can never be too short of topics! I didn’t have any ideas to write my next blog until I watched the news one evening and saw a News report on the topic of “Short Shorts”. The issue was that teenage girls should not wear “Short-Shorts” because it is too provocative for boys. Just so I do not give the Haters and the people who badmind and badmouth our platform and brand:
“All the Female Models who showcase or Post in the name of Body Positivity are 18 and over. We also strive to ensure 21+ if we can manage it”
In short no minors or young girls are promoted on our platform. I think this is an interesting topic for discussion as highlights how women are perceived today.

Now let’s study the “For & Against” argument.

Focusing on the “For” argument first, many females have expressed to me that a woman should feel comfortable in whatever she wears. So if she wants to wear a low-cut top revealing cleavage or a rather short exposing shorts, she should be free too. Why should she have to be mindful of other peoples eyes or they perceptions they have of her. This is true, Every woman should feel comfortable.

However, here comes the “Against” argument. What if you are under 18, or even under 16. One issue is that young women grow at different rates. For example, a girl at 14 years might have a fully developed than a young woman at 18 or 21. Now if she chooses to wear clothing that’s appropriate should she allowed to. The problems that arise is that when it comes to Men it can be difficult to tell how old a woman is because all women develop at different rates.

We will not touch on the subject of Paedophiles as this is a totally different subject but in a sort of way you are exposing yourself to the dangers of Predators. A young child or Teenager should not have to worry about the dangers of sexual predators. Men are allowed to be attracted to Women, it’s perfectly normal, however, when it comes to minors this is totally unacceptable. Urban Glam Life is forever checking and double checking to ensure whoever we collaborate with is 21 and over, and the least minimum age is 18 although we aim to keep it above the 21 age group. This is because despite a mature and developed body you may not be as mature and developed in the mind.

Another problem is that young girls tend to enjoy the attention they get not realising they may be putting themselves at risk. But this does not mean the Predators should be allowed to perve but if you put “Breast and Bum” on a plate for a guy to view, its likely that he is going to look, this is natural. What is not natural is a young girl exposing her body for someone to take advantage of. Kick starting your sexual activities early can have some detrimental effects as not all your first experience will be good ones. Why not save yourself for when you grow up and mature and then give your body to someone you know cares for you beyond your physical attraction.
Another argument also focuses at the rate in which different females develop. For example, a girl of 16 can wear Short Shorts can it not look provocative because of the way she is built. But what if your 16 year old daughter has the body of a WSHH Model. Should she be squeezing into the smallest shorts when she has a fully shaped and developed figure with half her ass sticking out. I would not think this would be appropriate while at the same time as Men we should not really be perving on any woman. Why ? because you do not know that person. They could be 21, they could be 16!
I think a large part of all this is also the attitude of Men. Appreciating Beauty is one thing but I guess when you act on it then that is a different scenerio all together. I remember growing up as a 16 year old. I noticed that the girls at that time were going after guys that were already 18, 19, 20, 21 and even older. I remember a school friend I fancied. She was 15 at the time and some West Indian guy who we knew was 24 came and picked her up from School. It was strange! However, seeing all this I thought it was normal but I had to question things! My Sister will be 15! Will I want her dating a 24 year old. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now if she reaches 18 and wishes to do her thing, I cant control that so my argument is that, allow yourself to grow and mature before you start playing these games because you cant take certain things back. Give your body time to develop, give your mind time to develop. Understand the dynamics of the world and the attitudes of Men so you can be sure when you give your Body to someone they will appreciate. Remember you pay for the path you choose – Cause & Effect!

I also think Parents have to stop blaming Media and Entertainment brands. I recall speaking to a young parent who claimed the daughter had stopped staying with him after complaining to the Mother her Dad was too strict, making comments on the skirts she wears and so the Dad should! However, the mother feels the daughter has the right to wear whatever she likes. Yes, but at 11 or 12 years old I would have to side with the Father. He is doing his duties and trying tio protect his daughter. I am not sure what method he was using but he is simply trying to protect his daughter from experiencing things before her time. This is important because as I said before there are things you cant take back and why be scared at a young age when you can listen to the wisdom of your parents and avoid premature negative experiences.

Our opinion is that a young girl should be a young girl. So this means dress appropriate and attract your won age group. When you become a legal woman you should have enough wisdom to manage your body and the responsibilities that come with it. Until then, take your time growing up.
In regards to young girls provoking young boys, this is completely normal. There is an old saying “The Playground is the Practice for Life”. It is perfectly normal for a boy to be attracted to a girl. This is the age they learn to deal with their urges and hormones. This is the stage where they learn the vital lessons to apply later on in life. We should not now start making it a crime for a boy to be attracted to a girl and vice-versa. What we must do is give them both a good education to apply in their adolescent years. Make them more equipped to handle their urges and hormones. And if you are of the Moral viewpoint maybe add in some Morals if you are of the religious kind. It don’t hurt! It actually protects you. But we are all free to our own opinions so don’t feel I am preaching.

Lastly on the matter of “Short Shorts”, they can look very sexy on a Body Confident Woman. It becomes inappropriate when the same outfit is being worn by a girl – A teenage girl which should be allowing her self to grow and develop into a Sound woman.

Thank you for reading and please have a browse of our Online Boutique. Your support is welcomed and appreciated.

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