Urban Glam Life is an independent brand focused on Blogging and Fashion. Our blogs focus on Beauty, Body Positivism and The Culture, while our Online Shopping services focuses on Street/Urban Wear and Vintage.


The birth of Urban Glam Life came from the Body Positivity trend going back as far as 2015 before it rebranded in 2016 to become what it is now. With the influx of Women becoming more confident in their own skin and accepting their flaws and appreciating what nature gave them we set up to be a platform that embraces this and expressing it in a responsible, mature and entertaining manner.

Urban Glam Life UK

With our focus also on Fashion we provide a platform for curve and plus-size women to be heavily involved in our marketing and promotion while also providing bigger sizes in clothing. So if there is a brand that you like be sure we can get them for you… Large, XL or XXL!

We are also influenced by the Hip Hop and Urban Culture which ties us into our passion for Sneakers. We source our Sneakers carefully as to pass on the savings to you.

It has been a long hard struggle to get this to this stage doing this voluntary for over 5 years. It is the sacrifice we made to remain Independent and have total creative freedom in the content we create. As we start to evolve we understand we may not be able to remain Independent forever as we start to seek collaborations with companies and organisations that share the same ethos as us.

For all those who have supported us during the years we thank you.

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